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What are the Welsh Development Quality Requirements?

View more information about the Welsh Development Quality Requirements 2021, creating beautiful homes and places, and how to comply in new developments.

The Welsh Development Quality Requirements 2021 (WDQR 2021) sets out the minimum functional quality standards for new and rehabilitated general needs affordable homes in Wales.

The Welsh Government encourages housing providers and their consultants to aim for standards beyond the minimum requirements and to adopt a holistic view of quality, recognising the benefit that quality and culturally suitable homes will have on both physical and mental well-being for all.

The standard will be applied in full to all publicly-funded affordable housing schemes submitted to Welsh Government at “concept” stage for technical scrutiny from 1st October 2021.

What are the quality requirements?

Under the guidelines, homes should be of high quality and be healthy to live in to meet community, family and individual needs. This comprises of three key areas:

  1. Homes should be of high quality, innovative and sustainable
  2. Homes should be flexible, responsive to the changing needs of the occupants, meet the changing needs of a variety of households who will occupy the building over its life and be of sufficient size
  3. Homes should be safe and secure

What classifies a ‘safe and secure’ home?

The Welsh Development Quality Requirements stipulate that developments are designed to comply fully with the “Secured by Design” (SBD) Gold standard. Homes should be provided with sufficient, well located and convenient electrical socket outlets.

Carbon monoxide CO) and fire safety is also covered within the requirements.

Homes should be fitted with hard wired carbon monoxide detectors with battery back-up. In addition to mandatory fire safety requirements, all homes should have a heat detector and alarm in the kitchen as part of the fire detection system.

All detectors and alarms must have an integral stand-by supply which is tamperproof and designed to last the lifetime of the fitting.

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*Please note: The above summary is based on FireAngel’s interpretation of Welsh Development Quality Requirements 2021, always refer to the standard for specific guidance.