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What is the definition of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

From Hollywood to home safety, Artificial Intelligence is being used in all industries. But what does the phrase really mean?

Put simply, Artificial Intelligence or ‘AI’ uses machines and computers to mimic the decision-making and problem-solving abilities of humans.

The term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ was coined in 1955 by the scientist John McCarthy and represents how machines are able to think and learn on their own without being encoded with commands.

After each successful round of data processing an AI system gets smarter, since each interaction allows the system to test and measure solutions at a rapid pace.

Why is Artificial Intelligence important?

What is artificial intelligence?

AI systems can become experts far faster than humans and automate previously manual, repetitive tasks in a lot more time-efficient way.

The technology is an important tool, enabling smart systems to quickly and accurately analyse large datasets to find patterns – a task that could take humans a long time – if at all – to spot.

It is often used to make a product or service ‘smarter’ and therefore more efficient, improving an experience for end-users whilst offering a high ROI.

What can Artificial Intelligence be used for?

In a survey of 350 chief technology officers and IT directors, AI and machine learning was identified by more than half of respondents as being one of the most important technologies for 2022 and beyond.

It’s being used across almost all industries – from fitness and fire safety to retail and healthcare – to provide personalised, efficient and effective outcomes.

In 2020, UK businesses spent around £63 billion on AI technology. It’s a figure that’s predicted to grow to more than £200 billion by 2040, with 1.3 million businesses in the UK expected to be using AI.

FireAngel and Artificial Intelligence

FireAngel’s Pro Connected App features unique AI-driven Predict® technology that actively monitors the fire risk of a property. If you have a FireAngel Gateway and App installed for your network, you can list numerous addresses and use Predict® to monitor the fire risk of an elderly relative or dependant’s home. If their fire risk is at a dangerous level, it allows you to make behavioural changes to reduce the risk.

Find out more about Pro Connected or discover our smart app for enhanced sensing, multiple installation styles and the option to enable alerts or tests via your mobile.