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The landlord’s guide to CO and smoke alarm compliance

We’ve simplified fire legislation for across the UK and Ireland, to help private landlords meet and go beyond legislative requirements. Failure to comply with regulation could see landlords’ fined up to £5000 per property.

Since 2015, smoke alarms are legally required in all private rented property. Carbon monoxide alarms must also be placed in rooms with a solid fuel burning appliance.

Following a number of fatal fires in the private rental sector, the Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Regulations came into force in 2015 outlining what alarms landlords need to install in a property.

Fire safety legislation simplified

the legal requirement for smoke alarms in rented property

For properties in England & Wales

In January 2022, the Government published its response to the Regulations with the result that the scope of the Regulations will be extended to include public sector landlords. This means there will be additional requirements which both private and public sector landlords will have to abide by.

These extended Regulations will come into force as soon as parliamentary time allows and once in effect, there will be no grace period given for compliance.

Proposed amendments to the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015 include:

  • Public landlords must ensure that at least one smoke alarm is installed on each storey of an individual property (this brings them in line with the private rented sector)
  • Carbon monoxide alarms must be installed in any room with a fixed combustion appliance (excluding gas cookers) in both private and public rented properties
  • Carbon monoxide alarms must be installed in any property when any new fixed combustion appliance (excluding gas cookers) is installed in both private and public rented properties
  • Landlords must repair or replace alarms once they are informed that they are faulty (residents will remain responsible for testing the alarms and replacing batteries where the alarms are not mains connected)

For properties in Scotland

For properties in Northern Ireland & Ireland

Landlord best practice

the legal requirement for smoke alarms in rented property

Government guidance is set out to help landlords meet and go beyond legislative requirements, to provide a level of fire safety that meets the British Standards.

Smoke and heat alarms: Follow British Standard BS5839-6:2019

The British Standards Institution updated Part 6 of BS 5839:6 in 2019 with alterations to grading and levels of protection, including the requirement to fit heat alarms in kitchens.

This applies to landlords to ensure constant compliance when specifying, installing and maintaining fire detection systems in domestic properties.

Read more of the key changes and the areas landlords should be aware of in our guide.

Carbon monoxide alarms: Follow European Standard EN 50292:2013

The European Standard EN 50292:2013 offers recommendations on the installation and maintenance of CO alarms in domestic properties.

This ensures that a carbon monoxide leak can be detected from all potential sources and heard throughout the property. Find out more.

What alarms are recommended to comply with best practice?

the legal requirement for smoke alarms in rented property

We recommend landlords follow best practice and fit FireAngel Specification alarms to ensure their tenants are safe and their property is protected.

Multi-sensor smoke alarms with Thermoptek technology uses a thermally enhanced optical sensor to provide a rapid response to all types of fire. These alarms are ideal in bedrooms, living rooms, hallways and landings.

An audible carbon monoxide alarm featuring electrochemical sensing technology should be placed 1-3 metres away from any fuel burning appliance (such as gas hobs, boilers or open fires), ideal in living spaces and also in bedrooms.

Heat alarms with Thermistek heat sensing technology provide a faster reaction to fire and have been designed to fit in kitchens to reduce nuisance alarms often caused by cooking. They are also ideal for other areas where there are high levels of fumes, smoke or dust such as lofts and garages.

Why FireAngel?

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We’re proud to have developed numerous safety industry firsts, deploying over 70 million products and holding over 80 patents.

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Our safety solutions are available from all leading trade distributors and are used nationally by social housing providers and trade professionals to ensure maximum safety against fire and carbon monoxide (CO).

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*Please note: The above summary is based on FireAngel’s interpretation of the legislation, always refer direct to a standard for specific guidance