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What is Thermistek technology?

Discover how Thermistek enhanced technology is used in FireAngel’s Pro Connected heat alarm range.

When almost 50% of fires start in the kitchen, it’s paramount you protect this room and are alerted at the first signs of danger. With this in mind, FireAngel would recommend installing a heat alarm with intelligent Thermistek technology.

Thermistek heat alarms are recommended for placing directly in kitchens as they will not cause nuisance alarm from cooking fumes and in unconverted loft spaces or garages where there may be high levels of fumes or dust.

Whilst British Standard 5839-6: 2019 recommends the installation of multi-sensor smoke alarm technology throughout the home, only heat and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms are suitable for installation in a kitchen.

How does FireAngel’s Thermistek technology work?

Used in FireAngel’s range of advanced heat alarms, Thermistek technology uses an algorithm to ensure a rapid response to detecting a fire in a property.

Each heat alarm has a unique radiant heat dish which reflects directional heat from the fire onto the thermistor allowing a faster reaction to fire than conventional heat alarms. It constantly monitors for temperature change using a predictive algorithm.

If an increase in temperature is detected, the rate of rise is measured and if predicted to exceed a predetermined threshold, the alarm will sound. This predictive quality provides a quicker response time in rapidly increasing temperatures. If the temperature is rising at a dangerous rate the alarm is primed for activation providing a quicker reaction to fires.

What is Thermistek technology?

Rapid, reliable reaction to fire with Thermistek technology

Buying a heat alarm that features Thermistek technology will ensure you benefit from a fast reaction to heat in real fire alarm conditions – as opposed to just theoretical conditions or test situations. FireAngel heat alarms have been specifically designed for areas with fumes and high humidity such as kitchens, where cooking fumes are present, and attics or garages where there is lots of dust.

With our Pro Connected range of heat alarms, data is used to support the UK’s Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) with their forensic analysis of alarms that have been involved in a fire incident. When paired with FireAngel Predict®, this data is working to transform how the Service provide and manage fire safety for vulnerable residents.

The data collected from heat alarms is vital to this service. As heat alarms are much more difficult to trigger an alert than smoke detectors and due to the nature of where they need to be placed in a property, such as a kitchen, if a heat alarm activates the likelihood of a fire being serious is higher.

Multi-Sensor technology: Extra fire safety features

What is Thermistek technology?

All FireAngel multi-sensor alarms include a sealed for life battery and low profile aesthetic design. Designed for easy installation, Pro Connected Thermistek alarms are suitable for use in kitchens, lofts and garages.

With the Pro Connected app, experience complete control and peace of mind protection. Use the app to test and silence alarms without having to reach a ceiling mounted test button.

With unlimited property allocations, you can set up an alarm network in the homes of your parents, a vulnerable family member, your child’s university accommodation or in your holiday home and receive notifications for all of them.

Found within our Pro Connected app is FireAngel Predict®, a unique algorithm with patented application, that uses real-time data to access the risk of a future fire event. Predict® gives potential fire risk level for the homes you list – invaluable for those caring for vulnerable family members.

FireAngel Pro Connected range, featuring Thermistek technology, also include:

  • Ability to be built into hybrid networks of interlinked mains and/or battery powered devices, and when one sounds, they all sound
  • Interlinking alarms with locate feature – Silence all but the initiating alarm in a network by pressing the test button
  • Noise identification – When interlinked, each unit will sound a different sound pattern depending on the triggering alarm whether smoke/heat or carbon monoxide
  • Low energy usage – Alarms typically use 90% less power than the average 230V AC smoke alarm
  • Sleep Easy feature – silence low battery chirp for 8 hours, allowing occupant to delay replacement until daylight hours
  • Smart silence – Allows the alarm to be silenced for up to 10 minutes in the event of a known false alarm. During this time if additional smoke is detected then the alarm will sound
  • Features large self-testing button – the first heat alarm in the market to originally incorporate both a heat cap and test button
  • Quiet self-test – a quiet self‑test can be activated by pressing the testing button on CO alarm once to hear a quiet alarm, at least 10dB below the full alarm volume
  • Suitable for homes in England and Wales, as well as Scotland when installed following the detail set out in the new fire & CO regulations

FireAngel Thermistek heat alarms and multi-sensing technology is at the forefront of fire safety developments. Discover more about our Pro Connected range today.