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Keeping residents safe and warm this winter in the West Midlands

FireAngel are proud to have partnered with West Midlands Fire Service to provide 100 ‘winter warm’ packs for their community.

This year, over 6.5 million UK households will be living in fuel poverty according to the National Energy Action (NEA) charity, with more people potentially turning to dangerous methods to heat or cook at home.

Recent polling, commissioned by the charity with YouGov, revealed 2 million households went without energy between September-November in 2023 despite temperatures dropping.

Since the cost of living and energy crisis began in October 2021 the figures have increased by 2 million, with more households now unable to keep warm, safe and healthy at home

The research revealed many households are ‘self-disconnecting’ and going without any energy in their home. Approximately 19 million people are going to bed early to save on heating and lighting, while more than 5 million are using ovens instead of central heating to stay warm.

The NEA warns the UK government’s failure to provide additional support in the Autumn Statement condemns the poorest households to live in cold and unsafe homes this winter.

Donating winter warm packs

winter warm packs

To try and support those who are struggling this winter, FireAngel has partnered with West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS) to provide 100 Winter Warm packs to be distributed to residents in need.

These packs have been distributed across the West Midlands area to allow Complex Needs Officers to gift them to the most vulnerable within the community WMFS serve.

Supplied in a useful reusable canvas bag, each pack contains items that are warm without being too heavy which will help to keep the person warm and hopefully deter people from coming up with unsafe ways of trying to heat their homes. Items include:

  • 1 x Pair of socks
  • 1 x Fleece scarf
  • 1 x Thermal gloves
  • 1 x Winter thermal hat

“Members of the community have benefitted from these packs as they arrived at the same time as the cold weather,” Gary Farley, Business Partner Adults Prevention at WMFS said. “Within hours of the packs arriving, they have been provided by our Complex Needs officers to vulnerable individuals within the community across the Black Country and packs have been issued across the West Midlands area.

“These packs have benefited individuals who have been affected by the daily costs of living, including families and individuals living alone of all ages within the community.

“It’s fantastic to be able to work with partners such as FireAngel to provide these much-needed Winter Warm packs to those who need extra support in our communities right now.”

Find out more on the ways we proudly support our community at FireAngel.