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Wireless interlink smoke, heat and CO alarms using Smart RF technology

“Learning In”

Our range of Smart RF alarms* and accessories have been designed to wirelessly interlink via a simple ʻLearn-inʼ process – so in the event of an alarm activating, all the alarms within the network will also activate.

Follow our step-by-step video or the guide below

Step 1 – When fitting a Smart RF Radio module into a compatible alarm, remove the module from its packaging.

Then carefully plug the Smart RF module into the back of a ʻSmart RF Readyʼ alarm unit – push the module down until it lies flat within the base of the unit. (Be careful not to touch the connector pins on the module).

Step 2 – Using a ballpoint pen, briefly press and release the ʻlearn buttonʼ on the back of the Smart RF Radio module. The red LED next to the learn button will flash briefly then light up for approximately 5 seconds.

*Smart RF Ready products require a Smart RF Radio Module (FS1521W2-T) for wireless interlink. Smart RF products do not require a module and work with any FireAngel Smart RF device for wireless compatibility.

Step 3

During these 5 seconds you need to briefly press the ʻtestʼ button on any other Smart RF alarm fitted with a Smart RF Radio module.

Please note: A smoke or heat alarm will give an audible sound consisting of two cycles of three loud beeps, for CO alarms there will be two cycles of four loud beeps.

The red LED on the Smart RF Radio module of the first alarm will flash to indicate that it has been ʻlearned-inʼ successfully. If the ʻtestʼ button is not pressed quickly enough, the ʻlearn-inʼ process will fail. If this happens, repeat the process.

Step 4

To check the alarms are linked, fit the first alarm onto its base plate and press the ʻtestʼ button. Both alarms should sound. When ʻlearning-inʼ additional alarms, always link from a ʻnewʼ alarm onto any alarm already in the network. You do not have to ʻlearn-inʼ to every alarm in the network.