Shaping creatives of the future with FireAngel work experience

Following a short work experience placement in FireAngel's Marketing department, Mia shares her thoughts on the activities she carried out during her 'taste of work' week.

I have spent 3 days this week at FireAngel for work experience as a year 10 student, and it has been an enjoyable, useful experience!

The people I have been working with in the marketing department have been very nice and helpful, as well as everyone else outside this department. During this week they have taught me new things to do with social media and general computer skills to help with the future.

Day 1:

On Monday, I was given a social media task to complete which included research and brainstorming. In a word document I explored popular post types and content on Instagram and Facebook among consumers. This then helped me to think of ideas for FireAngel’s social media content and how to encourage engagement.

Day 2:

On Tuesday, following on from the last task, I planned 15 social media posts on word, marketing smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms. As well as researching information and statistics on different fire hazards. I learnt more about the dangers of carbon monoxide as well as fires and what the placement of the alarms should be like.

Day 3:

Then on Thursday, my last day working at FireAngel, I had a good time working with Tom and Ant and they introduced me to more design techniques and gave me some good advice for the workplace. I completed a creative task on video production, advertising alarms. Later, I then designed the 15 social media pictures I had planned for FireAngel’s Instagram posts throughout August.

This was my favourite task as it was fun to put together a range of pictures and symbols for the posts.

Overall, my experience at FireAngel has been successful and has helped me with my knowledge on media and marketing. It has also given me an idea what work may be like in the future. I recommend coming here for the experience, and the chance to learn many new things.

Thankyou FireAngel!