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What is Zigbee and how does it prepare smart homes of the future?

Discover further information on Zigbee and how the technology both elevates resident safety and futureproofs properties for housing associations.

Today, most smart home technology is powered by Zigbee – a wireless communications protocol. It’s fast becoming the standard wireless protocol that smart home devices use to communicate, designed to underpin everything from humidity sensors to thermostats.

Zigbee operates as a mesh network, meaning instead of each Zigbee-enabled device needing to connect to a property’s Wi-Fi, devices can communicate with a central hub instead. The mesh network structure also enables devices to communicate with the hub even if placed far away from it.

Zigbee is perfect for low-speed and low-data communication between smart devices, where battery life and security are paramount, such as sensors. It uses a lot less power than Wi-Fi and is designed for interoperability, meaning the network can support hundreds of devices from different manufacturers.

Due to the Zigbee Alliance – a group that includes Amazon, Samsung, Toshiba and many other big home appliance and energy companies – there are more than 2,500 Zigbee-ready devices that can work seamlessly with FireAngel Connected.

How can Zigbee be used to support smart homes?

what is zigbee?

With Zigbee and FireAngel’s cloud-based solution, Connected, housing providers can be assured that the monitoring of a property’s ecosystem will be scalable and expandable in the future to provide increased safety and reassurance.

With FireAngel Connected, device data can be integrated into a social landlord’s existing asset management system, as well as having a fully customisable dashboard and reporting options of its own.

Combined with FireAngel’s Home Environment Gateway, with built-in temperature and humidity Zigbee sensors, it delivers a holistic resident safety solution.

Connecting with other Zigbee sensors (up to 20) within a property, such as water-leak detectors, panic buttons, motion sensors and smart appliances, elevates resident safety and wellbeing to previously unachievable levels, while simultaneously automating digital record collection and streamlining management activity.

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