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Specification of FireAngel for Scottish housing stock by North View Housing Association

FireAngel has been specified to support North View Housing Association in achieving constant compliance across its entire property portfolio following changes to Scottish fire safety standards.

FireAngel Safety Technology Limited, one of Europe’s leading smoke, heat and carbon monoxide suppliers, has announced a new partnership with North View Housing Association to provide its wireless interlinked battery powered smoke and heat alarms to 700 properties across Glasgow.  

The contract has been secured following the Scottish Government’s changes to the Housing (Scotland) Act, which now requires an LD2 Specification. FireAngel’s mains-powered smoke and heat alarms, the SM-SN-1 and HM-SN-1, have been specified to support North View Housing Association in achieving constant compliance across its entire property portfolio.

The legislative changes require all Scottish homes to have sealed long-life battery or mains wired interlinked alarms installed, with one functioning smoke alarm in the room that is most frequently used by the occupants in the daytime. A battery-operated carbon monoxide alarm is also required to be fitted in each room with a carbon-fuelled appliance or flue.

The regulations also require one functioning smoke alarm to be installed in every circulation space on every floor, such as hallways and landings, and one heat alarm in every kitchen. The mains-powered alarms must also be interlinked under the new requirements to provide sufficient audibility. 

Ady Tester, Maintenance Manager at North View Housing Association, said: “This is the first time we have specified FireAngel alarms in our properties and we’re extremely impressed. We were confident the products would deliver the levels of protection we require as they’re the trusted technology fitted by UK Fire & Rescue Services since 2007. The wireless interlinked smoke and heat alarms are reliable products, reinforced by excellent service support that we can always rely on.” 

Installation of the alarms is already underway across North View Housing Association’s 700 refurbished and new build homes, with its engineers receiving support and advice from FireAngel’s customer support team whenever they require it. 

James King, Business Unit Director at FireAngel, said: “We are delighted to be working with Ady and his team to ensure each tenant receives the highest standards in fire protection. North View Housing Association is committed to providing quality affordable housing throughout Glasgow and we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership together as it continues to fulfil this aim.”

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