CO Advice

Yacht CO safety

A couple were alerted to a leak of carbon monoxide in their yacht, thanks to a FireAngel CO alarm.

Keen yachters, Neil and Lydia Harrison, were sailing around Marmaris, Turkey, when their FireAngel CO-9D carbon monoxide (CO) alarm began to sound.

The alarm alerted the couple to a fault which was traced to an overheating lead acid battery in the heavily constructed and ventilated battery box under their large double bed.

“Thankfully your excellent alarm did its job and my wife and myself have suffered no ill effects,” Neil Harrison said.

Had it not been for your excellent alarm we would not have been alerted to the fault. I am sure many yacht owners are aware of problems from butane gas, exhaust fumes and heating but possibly are unaware of the risk from batteries.”

Carbon monoxide risk on boats

In the last 20 years, more than 30 boaters have died as a consequence of carbon monoxide poisoning. There is a potential for exhaust and flue gasses to be drawn into a boat neighbouring boat, through open doors, windows and fixed ventilators.

An audible CO alarm, certified to BS EN 50291-2 standard, is the only way to protect against carbon monoxide and be alerted to the first signs of danger. Make sure your CO alarm is tested regularly and never remove the batteries.