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Enhance your domestic installations and protect against carbon monoxide

Achieve the highest standards of carbon monoxide protection and functionality throughout an entire property with the FireAngel Specification range

FireAngel’s intelligent carbon monoxide (CO) alarms have been designed with installers in mind, providing enhanced home safety protection, advanced sensing technology and peace of mind for all domestic installations.

To create a wireless interlinked network, simply fit a Smart RF Radio Module into the alarm, either upon initial installation, or at a later date, and interlink multiple smoke, heat and CO alarms together onto a hybrid network.

10 year sealed for life CO alarms

carbon monoxide alarm

The easy to install FS1326-T Wireless Interlink Carbon Monoxide Alarm features a 10-year sealed for life lithium battery, advanced electrochemical sensors and intelligence diagnostics.

Smart RF Ready, the device can be wirelessly interlinked with additional FireAngel Smart RF enabled smoke and heat alarms to form a private network. This means when one alarm sounds, they all sound, providing the earliest possible warning of the presence of CO and fire.

Featuring a Fast-Fit bracket for quick installation, the CO-9X-10T-FF 10 Year sealed for life Battery Powered CO Alarm can be wall mounted or left free standing to meet the needs of each customer. Featuring an LED display that visibly shows when the device has been activated, the alarm provides an early warning of the presence of CO.

Both alarms are supplied with a 5 year warranty and are suitable for use in any room with a fuel burning appliance e.g. gas hob, open fire, boiler. The alarms’ unique diagnostic capability also provides a report that details the time, date and level of CO within the property to provide the highest standards of protection and compliance.

7 year sealed for life CO alarms

carbon monoxide alarm

Featuring the same installation and functionality benefits as the CO-9X-10T-FF, the CO-9D includes a 7 year sealed for life battery and delivers increased cost efficiencies, without compromising on quality or protection.

Also featuring a 7 year sealed for life battery, the CO-9D includes a unique digital LCD display that visibly shows low levels of CO down to 10ppm. The device detects peak levels of CO over a four-week period to provide complete visibility and transparency of the levels of CO within a property.

What is carbon monoxide?

Known as ‘The Silent Killer’, carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas produced when fuel is not burning properly. It can be produced from fuel-burning appliances such as gas boilers, gas hobs, log burners or open fires and high levels of poisoning can be fatal. However as you cannot see, smell or taste carbon monoxide (CO) the only way to detect it in a property is with an audible CO alarm, certified to British Standards.

Keep protected with an audible CO alarm 

Available nationwide, online and instore from all leading wholesalers and distributors, FireAngel’s British Standard certified CO alarms can support you in achieving unrivalled levels of CO and fire safety throughout domestic properties, in the most cost-effective way.

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