Installing the alarms and building your device networks couldn’t be easier. We have a helpful video to guide you through this below. But if you still require our support get in touch – on 03300 945 830 or via connected.support@fireangeltech.com.


The FireAngel Connected App allows you to add multiple properties to your dashboard. This means you can set up an alarm network in the homes of your parents, a vulnerable family member, your child’s university accommodation or in your holiday home and receive notifications for all of them. You could also give your neighbours access to your home network while you go away on holiday.

The notifications will clearly state which property the alert is linked to, allowing you to react appropriately.

The Pro Connected Gateway does require an internet connection and is supplied with an ethernet cable to allow you to connect it to your broadband router.

This connection enables the push notifications from your home alarm network to your mobile or smart devices. But if the internet connection is lost the alarms will still perform flawlessly and will detect danger and alarm in the home, but you won’t receive a push notification to your devices.