FireAngel FAQ's

Read More About the Most Common Questions We Get Asked About Our Products and Fire Safety

Looking for a FireAngel HT-630 heat alarm replacement?

Replace your end of life HT-630 alarm with a FireAngel FA6720-R Heat Alarm with 10 year sealed for life battery, to be alerted to fires without the false reactions to cooking fumes.

Yes – heat alarms and smoke alarms detect fire in very different ways. Smoke alarms, as the name suggests, alert you to fires by detecting smoke, so if there’s a slow smouldering fire (which usually doesn’t give off a lot of heat) it could be missed for some time if a you only have a heat alarm installed. We would recommend you review the regulations specific to your area, but as a guide we recommend that homes have a smoke alarm in the hallway, landing and in the room most used in the daytime, alongside a heat alarm in the kitchen.

Yes – Heat Alarms won’t false alarm to dusty or humid rooms which makes them perfect for kitchens, utility rooms and garages.

No – the FireAngel HT-630 and ST-620 smoke alarm cannot be interlinked with any other alarm. See our Pro Connected alarm range which allows you to build a network of smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms across the whole home.