FireAngel FAQ's

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There are many ways that a smoke alarm can be activated, which isn’t always due to a fire, but we recommend that you should act on every alert. On receiving alerts, check the situation to judge if you need to call the emergency services, or not.

Your local Fire and Rescue Service can also support with guidance around preparing for emergency situation and the steps to help prevent them.


For the majority of installations there will be no need to configure your firewall settings. However if there is a need to configure your firewall or router must;


accept traffic from the MAC of your gateway

open TCP ports




For further support contact

You can have up to 50 devices in a Pro Connected network, including your FireAngel Pro Connected Gateway.


If you have an existing Wi-Safe2 alarm network you can add additional Pro Connected devices to this – up to a total of 50 devices.

You can have up to 50 devices in a Wi-Safe2 network, including your FireAngel Pro Connected Gateway.

There are two ways to tell your alarms apart.


The loud, quick way:

Press the test button on each alarm, which will highlight that alarm in your app. This will, however, sound the alarms.


The quiet, slower way:

Take the units off base one at a time, which will generate an off base notification. This can take about a minute to get through, but does not make noise.


You can then select the device and rename in the settings.

Yes, the alarms will still function and interconnect without the FireAngel Pro Connected Gateway.

If you do not add the gateway, though, you will not be able to use the FireAngel Connected app.

Watch the video below for installation support:

Yes! You can log into the FireAngel app from multiple devices.

You can add new Pro Connected alarms in to an existing system at any time in the future.


However if you’re looking to integrate the alarms in to a smart system manufactured by another company then this isn’t yet possible.


Please email to discuss further.

Yes, all Wi-Safe2 devices are compatible with each other.


You can add new devices to an existing network at any time in the future.


Click here to view the FireAngel Pro Connected range.

If your Current alarms do not comply with the new Fire & CO Safety Standards then you will need to install units which fall in line with the new standards.