FireAngel FAQ's

Read More About the Most Common Questions We Get Asked About Our Products and Fire Safety

Looking for a FireAngel ST-622 smoke alarm replacement?

Replace your end of life ST-622 alarm with a FireAngel FA6615-R Optical Smoke Alarm with 5 year replaceable batteries or FireAngel FA6620-R Optical Smoke Alarm with 10 year sealed for life battery, without requiring a new base plate or leaving unsightly holes in your ceiling.

For the quickest alert to fire we recommend that the alarms in the home are all interlinked, either with a hardwired or wireless connection.

Our Pro Connected alarm range allows you to build a network across your entire home. For example, a network of 7 x smoke alarms, 3 x heat alarms, 3 x carbon monoxide alarms and a Gateway will be completely secure and protect your whole home.

No – the ST-622 has been designed to detect fires. For Carbon Monoxide detection you need to also install a CO detector which you will find here or a combination smoke and CO alarm – FireAngel SCB10.

No – the ST-622 has not been designed to be installed in a kitchen as it will react to cooking fumes. For fire detection in your kitchen fit a FireAngel Heat Alarm – found here.