Specification Combined Strobe and Pad

Mains Powered with Rechargeable Battery Back-up.

Designed with installers in mind, this compliant, flexible, easy to fit range delivers advanced sensing technology including Smart RF interlink ensuring your domestic installations are safe for years to come.

Assisted Living

Enhanced protection for vulnerable adults.

5 Year Warranty

For peace of mind.




Our datasheet and manual contain guidance on the product and the latest standards - if you have any additional questions, our team of experts can offer all the support you need, so get in touch!


Installation Support and Guidance


Specification Detail and Standards.




Wireless interlink made simple with smart RF technology. Our Specification range allows installers to create a network of mains and/or battery powered alarms in seconds!

Install Guide

Step by step installation support.

Build a Network

Interlink your alarms at the touch of a button.

Flexibility in Positioning Assisted Living Solutions

Designed to provide additional protection for those with hearing loss, who may not hear the audible alarm from fire and CO alarms. The flashing strobe provides a visual warning and the vibrating pad can be placed under a pillow.

Assisted Living Solutions
For Wireless Interlink Smart RF Technology

When one alarm sounds, they all sound. Our Specification range features intelligent smart RF technology - easily create a wireless or hybrid network of smart RF mains and battery devices to protect the entire property.

Smart RF Technology
Adaptability & Flexibility Futureproof Installations

Remain compliant to meet latest standards whilst delivering the ultimate level of protection that can be instantly enhanced as legislative requirements evolve, and cost-effectively adapted as the safety and welfare needs of tenants change.

Futureproof Installations

Did you know?

You can easily upgrade our Specification range to remotely monitor devices Find out more

Protecting residents in social housing requires an adaptable and tailored solution. Get in touch with our Specification Managers today to see how our FireAngel Connected solution can support you and your tenants.

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Our strobe and pad does not require an internet connection to work, but instead communicates with Specification Smoke, Heat and CO alarms via a secure radio frequency. Featuring Smart RF technology , this device is compatible for use with all our Specification range of mains and battery powered devices.

You can also benefit from mixed system flexibility – our alarm control unit features advanced Smart RF technology and works with our Specification range of mains and/or battery products. This means for increased safety you can easily create a hybrid system of mains and/or battery products – extend your network without the fuss!

All our Specification range of products feature Smart RF technology – allowing you to create a wireless network containing multiple devices – including:

Smoke Alarms:
FS2126-T – Battery Powered Multi-Sensor Smoke Alarm (10 year)
SM-SN-1 – Mains Powered Multi-Sensor Smoke Alarm (10 year)

Heat Alarms:
FS1226-T – Battery Heat Alarm featuring Sleep Easy (10 year)
HM-SN-1 – Mains Powered Heat Alarm (10 year)

Carbon Monoxide Alarm:
FS1326-T – Battery Carbon Monoxide Alarm (10 year)

Assisted Living Solutions:
FS1552W2-T – Combined Strobe and Vibrating Pad
FS1524W2-T – Wireless Alarm Control Unit (Test, Silence, Locate)

Designed for use by the deaf and hard of hearing, – a strobe and pad should be installed in the main room where an individual sleeps. You can wireless interlink additional Strobe and Vibrating Pads to the network and install them in any room where an individual may need to be alerted in the event of an alarm. We recommend that if you install any additional Strobe and Vibrating Pads, you should test each of these upon installation to check they are “learned in” to the rest of the network.