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Our SONA by FireAngel mains powered range of alarms features Thermoptek
sensing technology used by over 90% of the UK Fire and Rescue Services.

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Why FireAngel is right for you:

Social Landlords & Specifiers

Introducing a new era in domestic smoke alarms.
FireAngel specifically addresses the evolving needs of social housing, delivering the ultimate range of battery and mains powered smoke, heat and carbon monoxide protection solutions. Advanced, intelligent sensor technology as used by over 90% of UK Fire and Rescue Services delivers enhanced levels of safety for tenants and properties. The unique energy saving features of our mains powered SONA by FireAngel range ensures our products will save you money as well as saving lives.

Private Landlords

Tamper-proof, sealed for life, simple testing.
Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are now legally required in all private rented property.BS:5839-6: 2015 recommends that smoke alarms installed in rented accommodation have a tamper-proof lithium battery back-up and that all alarms in the house are interconnected. For landlords who wish to install to this standard, FireAngel provides the ultimate solution using RF interlinked alarms that provide the fastest installation with minimal disruption to the property decor.

A new era in domestic
Smoke Alarms

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RF Interlink Multisensor smoke alarms
Wired Interlink Multisensor smoke alarms
RF interlink optical or heat alarms
Wired interlink optical or heat alarms
Battery wireless carbon monoxide alarms
Battery wireless test, silence locate switches

Energy Consumption per house(10 year usage)

Leading Competitor -
Saving by using SONA

Energy Cost Across Full Housing Stock(10 year usage)

Leading Competitor -
Saving by using SONA
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* The energy calculator provided is for representation purposes only based on estimate results from Sprue Safety products testing and nominal rates for electricity. Sprue Safety Products Ltd provides this information for demonstration of the energy saving principles only and cannot be held liable for changes in energy rates or misrepresentation of the energy calculator results.
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How much can you save?

The SONA by FireAngel range of smoke and heat alarms have been designed to consume significantly less energy. The sealed for life battery means the alarm is not under constant recharge and the unique operating characteristics of the alarm save power and energy consumption.

Over the life of the product, this can represent a significant saving across your housing stock. The SONA by FireAngel smoke and heat alarm are the only alarms available with a proven carbon footprint.

Use our online Energy Calculator to illustrate how much you could save:


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Standards & Regulations

Private Landlord Legislation | Fire – British Standard BS 5839-6:2013 | Fire – Building Regulations | Carbon Monoxide – British Standard BS EN 50292:2013 | Carbon Monoxide – Building Regulations


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