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Upgrading the safety of our home with FireAngel

First-time homeowners and renovators, Imogen & Tom, of @thelittlehouseinlondon, tell us how using our Pro Connected range has transformed the safety of their home.

Guest blog written by Imogen & Tom, @thelittlehouseinlondon 

We moved into to our traditional two-up, two-down Victorian terraced home back in early 2020. It needed a full refurb – think complete re-wire, installing central heating, adding bathrooms upstairs, and major structural work, alongside the usual cosmetic work.

Fast-forward two years from move-in date and we were ready to start on a loft conversion and full remodel of the first floor, to increase the space in our home, giving us two bedrooms, an office, and two new bathrooms upstairs.

This little house in London

It’s been a brilliant opportunity to significantly improve the safety of our home. We used to have just one smoke alarm that would go off whenever we burnt the bacon, plus a couple of carbon monoxide detectors left behind by the previous owners. When we first moved in, the first-floor electrics weren’t even earthed – so we were long overdue a safety upgrade!

Set up of the FireAngel Pro Connected range

To bring our home in line with building regulations, we needed to install a new alarm system as well as fire doors to ensure there is a means of escape from our new loft bedroom.

We installed FireAngel’s Pro Connected wired smoke alarms in our bedrooms, hallway and living rooms, as well as a wired heat alarm in our kitchen, instead of our old smoke alarm. It’s perfect for stopping those pesky false alarms as it’s only activated by a rapid increase in heat, rather than the presence of smoke. We also installed a new boiler and, alongside it, a new wireless carbon monoxide detector that is portable, so can be placed where it’s needed.

Once installed, the FireAngel Pro Connected devices were simple simple to connect together thanks to the wireless gateway, which connects all of the devices in our home to the FireAngel app. It was then just a case of pressing the sync button on each device to connect them to the app!

Using the FireAngel app 

The best part about the FireAngel Pro Connected range is that you can control all of your alarms through the FireAngel app on your phone. You can view all of the devices set up in your home and you get an instant alert if any of them go off, no matter where you are. The app even displays your potential fire risk level.

What’s more, all of the devices are connected, so if one goes off, they all go off. In an emergency this would be absolutely vital in giving you extra time to get out before a fire spreads.

Hopefully our FireAngel Pro Connected system will never need to detect a fire or carbon monoxide event, but it’s great peace of mind knowing that our home is as safe as possible!

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