Fire Safety

What Is FireAngel Multi-Sensor Technology?

What is Multi-Sensor technology?

As technology advances, fire safety is becoming increasingly advanced, readily available, and affordable. At the forefront of this is Multi Sensor technology – whereby smoke alarm units are monitoring for more than one indication of fire – hence giving a quicker, more reliable, and faster reaction in the event of fire.

By using a Multi-Sensor alarm – otherwise known as a “all in one smoke detector” or “combination alarm” – this eliminates the need to fit separate single-sensor products (e.g. ionisation and optical alarms). Not only does this reduce the likelihood of false alarms associated with these types of alarms, but it also more environmentally friendly as there are storage and disposal issues with ionisation alarms due to their small quantities of radioactive material (Americium 241). It is important to note that this material – used to detect smoke – is in the form of a sealed source and represents no hazard to those installing, or living with, the alarm.

What does Thermoptek mean?

Thermoptek is a type of smoke alarm sensor technology and is used in FireAngel’s Specification range of mains and battery powered Multi-Sensor smoke alarms, which is used and recommended by over 90% of the UK Fire and Rescue service.

Thermoptek technology provides a much faster response to fire, giving housing occupants more time to escape should a fire occur. This technology is available at an affordable price, and is sold at a similar cost to some other single-sensor units that are available,

How FireAngel Thermoptek detectors work:

  • Thermoptek® technology combines the very latest in optical sensing with a thermal enhancement – it has two separate sensing elements
  • Different sensing elements constantly monitor for two different by-products of fires (smoke and temperature).
  • If a rate of temperature rise is detected the sensitivity of the smoke alarm is increased. This provides a quicker response time to all fire types; fast-flaming and slow-burning fires.

As seen in the diagram below, Thermoptek multi-sensor alarms have a much faster response time over traditional single sensor fire alarms, and are also much less prone to nuisance alarms.

Positioning: Multi-Sensor alarms are suitable for installation in hallways, landings, bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms.  

Thermistek technology

Whilst BS 5839-6: 2019 (also known as BS 5839 Pt.6) recommends the installation of multi-sensor smoke alarm technology throughout the home, only heat and CO alarms are suitable for installation in a kitchen.

Given over 60% of domestic fires start in the kitchen, it is paramount that your heat alarm has the latest cutting edge technology to quickly detect the presence of fire. With this in mind, FireAngel would recommend installing a heat alarm with intelligent Thermistek technology.

How FireAngel Thermistek technology works:

  • The heat alarm has a unique radiant heat dish which reflects directional heat from the fire onto the thermistor allowing a faster reaction to fire than conventional heat alarms.
  • It also constantly monitors for temperature change using a predictive algorithm.
  • If an increase in temperature is detected, the rate of rise is measured and if predicted to exceed a predetermined threshold will sound the alarm. This predictive quality provides a quicker response time in rapidly increasing temperatures
  • If the temperature is rising at a dangerous rate the alarm is primed for activation providing a quicker reaction to fires.

Positioning: Thermistek heat alarms are recommended for placing directly in kitchens as they won’t nuisance alarm from cooking fumes and in unconverted loft spaces or garages where there may be high levels of fumes or dust.

Multi-Sensor Technology: Extra fire safety features

  • All FireAngel Multi-Sensor alarms include a sealed for life battery and low profile aesthetic design.
  • Larger terminal blocks and simple two part installation of mains powered alarm range makes installation quick and simple.
  • Designed for easy installation for both new build and retrofit sites.
  • Simple testing
  • Multi-Sensor technology limits the amount of false alarms and contractor call backs to site.

Our FireAngel Specification range features our patented Thermoptek and Thermistek technology and offers:

  • Interlinking alarms with locate feature – silence all but the initiating alarm in a network by pressing the test button
  • Noise identification – when interlinked each unit will sound a different sound pattern depending on the triggering alarm, whether a smoke/heat or carbon monoxide
  • Low energy usage – typically less than 10% of the average 230V AC smoke alarm.
  • Proven Low Carbon Footprint
  • Sleep Easy feature – silence low battery chirp for 8 hours, allowing occupant to delay replacement until daylight hours.
  • Smart silence – Allows the alarm to be silenced for up to 10 minutes in the event of a known false alarm. During this time if additional smoke is detected then the alarm will sound

FireAngel Multi-Sensor detectors are at the forefront of cutting-edge fire safety technology and are recommended by UK Fire and Rescue Services and also British Standards. Multi-Sensor detectors are easy to attain, install and maintain in a home.