Fire Safety, Social Housing

FireAngel’s Home Environment Gateway Launches

Discover the most advanced gateway on the market.

Continuing to fulfil our mission to protect and save lives with innovative, cutting-edge home-safety technology, we have now launched the New Home Environment Gateway which enables social-housing landlords to protect their residents and prepare their properties for the future.

Using Smart RF technology, the Home Environment Gateway wirelessly connects smoke, heat and carbon-monoxide alarms within the property to the FireAngel Connected cloud-based platform. The data from each property is then presented to social-housing landlords in actionable, manageable insights, allowing them to monitor when alarms are triggered, removed, or require maintenance.

The FireAngel Connected solution is further enhanced with an AI-powered fire-risk tool, FireAngel Predict®, which uses live data to give a real-time risk level unique to each property. Putting resident safety first, FireAngel Predict® supports prioritised interventions and increased fire-prevention measures to potentially prevent a life-threatening event from occurring.

The gateway’s design allows it to be attached as a base for an existing FireAngel mains-powered product, so it is quick to position by installers. It’s further enhanced with Zigbee capability which allows connectivity with up to 20 Zigbee sensors within the property, such as water-leak detectors, panic buttons and motion sensors, supporting smarter homes for the future. The gateway also has built in temperature and humidity sensors to allow landlords to identify environments which may lead to the onset of damp and mould in the property.

With only 79% of social renters having Internet access, gaining and then maintaining a secure connection to any remote platform is a key concern for social landlords. With this in mind, the gateway has been designed to remove the need to use Wi-Fi connectivity as it can use cellular signal, with a back-up of communal Wi-Fi if available.

Another key benefit of the FireAngel Connected solution is that the device data can be integrated into a social landlord’s existing asset management system, as well as having a fully customisable dashboard and reporting options of its own.

FireAngel Co-founder and Chief Product Officer Nick Rutter says: ‘Our Home Environment Gateway is an integral part of a social landlord’s digital transformation strategy. As it gives access to our FireAngel Connected system, it offers landlords a remote monitoring system as well as offering a live risk assessment tool to help protect residents and properties.

‘The fact that our gateway has Zigbee built in and our system can integrate with existing asset management systems means landlords can future-proof, knowing that the monitoring of a property’s ecosystem will be scalable, and expandable in the future to provide increased safety and reassurance.’

View our Home Environment Gateway or for more information on how our extensive range of connected fire safety solutions have been designed to suit your housing portfolio and protect your residents, visit Connected Home or contact our team of experts.