Home Environment Gateway

The most technologically advanced gateway in the market.

Designed for social housing, this GDPR compliant and easy to fit gateway, uses Smart RF technology to wirelessly connect smoke, heat, carbon monoxide alarms and Zigbee sensors to the FireAngel Connected cloud-based platform.

Temp & Humidity Sensors

Pinpoint properties at risk of developing damp & mould.

10 Year Operational Life

For long lasting resident protection and peace of mind.




Our datasheet and manual contain guidance on the FS2550W2ZB product and the latest standards. If you have any additional questions, our team of experts can offer all the support you need please do get in touch.


Specification Detail and Standards

Network of protection Enable remote monitoring

Connects wirelessly to chosen network of devices and continually monitors alarms, creating a link between Smart RF, Wi-Safe 2, Zigbee devices and FireAngel’s Connected cloud platform. The Gateway is also equipped with LTE/GPRS Cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity options.

Enable remote monitoring
Pinpoint properties at risk Real-time insight with environmental monitoring

In-built temperature (accuracy: ±0.5 ºC) and humidity sensor (accuracy: ±3% RH) provide real-time data of a property’s internal environment, enabling housing providers to actively review and spot any properties at risk of damp and mould.

Real-time insight with environmental monitoring
Futureproof properties Network of detection

Equipped with Zigbee capability, the Gateway can connect with up to 20 additional Zigbee sensors in a property, such as water leak detectors, air quality monitors and motion sensors, to create a holistic network of protection and detection for residents.

Network of detection

Did you know?

Open API unlocks data integration Find out more

In line with Housing Ombudsman recommendations, social housing landlords can take a ‘data-driven’ approach to pinpoint properties at risk of damp and mould by integrating real-time data into existing asset management systems or the FireAngel Connected cloud-based dashboard through open API.

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