FireAngel FAQ's

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The two apps are just built for different purposes – as a homeowner you require the FireAngel Connected App found here.

The other app is designed for organisations who want to offer monitoring services to their stakeholders and therefore does not have the features found in the homeowner app.

It may have joined one of our factory testing networks for quality assurance purposes.

Unlearn the alarm
Wait 10 minutes
Add the alarm to the network

We have Wi-Safe2 compatible models in various ranges across our catalogue. We always aim for continuous improvement, so the main difference with the Pro Connected range is that they use updated internal components for even better safety and reliability.

While both are radio frequency technologies, Wi-Safe2 is a dedicated mesh network technology that has been built by FireAngel specifically to support your safety-critical smoke, heat and Carbon Monoxide alarms. Your FireAngel devices will not interact with your WiFi network.

The network can be extended to include devices across your entire home. For example, a network of 7 x smoke alarms, 3 x heat alarms, 3 x carbon monoxide alarms and a Gateway will be completely secure and protect your whole home.

The FireAngel Pro Connected Gateway must remain connected to your broadband router via the provided Ethernet cable as well as to power. This is so that it can continue to communicate any events to FireAngel HQ and then on to your FireAngel app. If the Ethernet or power cable is disconnected, the alarms will continue to alert those in the household, but no events will be sent to your app.

Yes, every alarm network requires one gateway to send notifications to the app.

For example, you are looking to furnish your own home as well as that of your child who lives in the next town. To see both sets of alarms in your app, both properties would need a gateway. You would set up your home as your own network, then your child would add you as an alert contact to allow you to see their network.

Yes – the wireless interlink function still allows the alarms to connect and communicate (and protect your home!) – however, you won’t be able to use the FireAngel Connected app without the Gateway installed.

The FireAngel Pro Connected range is backwards compatible with the FireAngel Wi-Safe2 range.