FireAngel FAQ's

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The two apps are just built for different purposes – as a homeowner you require the FireAngel Connected App found here.

The other app is designed for organisations who want to offer monitoring services to their stakeholders and therefore does not have the features found in the homeowner app.

While both are radio frequency technologies, Wi-Safe2 is a dedicated mesh network technology that has been built by FireAngel specifically to support your safety-critical smoke, heat and Carbon Monoxide alarms. Your FireAngel devices will not interact with your WiFi network.

For the majority of installations there will be no need to configure your firewall settings. However if there is a need to configure your firewall or router must;


accept traffic from the MAC of your gateway

open TCP ports




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You can have up to 50 devices in a Pro Connected network, including your FireAngel Pro Connected Gateway.


If you have an existing Wi-Safe2 alarm network you can add additional Pro Connected devices to this – up to a total of 50 devices.

Yes, every alarm network requires one gateway to send notifications to the app.


For example, if you are looking to receive notifications for your own home as well as that of your elderly parent both properties would need a gateway. You would set up your home as your own network, then you can be added as an alert contact to your parents allow you to see their network.

At this time we do not support Z-Wave or Zigbee connections.


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Yes, the alarms will still function and interconnect without the FireAngel Pro Connected Gateway.

If you do not add the gateway, though, you will not be able to use the FireAngel Connected app.

Watch the video below for installation support:

Yes! You can log into the FireAngel app from multiple devices.

You can add new Pro Connected alarms in to an existing system at any time in the future.


However if you’re looking to integrate the alarms in to a smart system manufactured by another company then this isn’t yet possible.


Please email to discuss further.

Yes, all Wi-Safe2 devices are compatible with each other.


You can add new devices to an existing network at any time in the future.


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