Pro Connected Smart Accessible Control Unit

3 Year Replaceable Batteries

With enhanced sensing, multiple installation styles & the option to enable alerts & test via your mobile, the Pro Connected Smart Alarm range offers the highest level of protection for you and your family.

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Test, silence and locate alarms easily.

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Manufacturer's warranty for peace of mind.




To ensure you install the right alarm for your home, and one that's compliant with your local fire and carbon monoxide regulations, review our manual and data sheet or get in touch with our customer service team.


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Connecting multiple Pro Connected alarms is simple - let Wes show you how! The system has been designed to be quick and simple and even allows you to mix battery and mains powered devices in to the same network.

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Step by step installation support.

Build a Network

Interlink your alarms at the touch of a button.

Solutions to support you Promoting Independent Living

Adding an accessible control unit to the network allows simple device management within the home - to enhance this further add the FireAngel Smart Gateway to the network and receive notifications and enable testing via a mobile.

Promoting Independent Living
Control at your fingertips Accessible Alarm Management

Testing your alarms has never been easier - just press a single button to test the whole network. You can also silence the alarms in the event of a false alarm, and locate the alarm sensing danger if the whole network is sounding.

Accessible Alarm Management
Accessible Install Options Control That Suits You

The unit is powered by 2 x replaceable AA batteries (included) so there's no need for any wiring or for it to be plugged in. The unit also has separate LED indicators, for smoke/heat and CO, so you'll be able to see whether the danger is fire or CO.

Control That Suits You

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Carbon Monoxide is a gas that can't be smelt, tasted or seen, but it can be deadly. It's created in our homes when fuels burn incompletely - the only way you can be quickly alerted to it's presence is by a Carbon Monoxide detector.

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The Accessible Control Unit does not require an internet connection to work, but instead communicates with your Pro Connected Smoke, Heat and CO alarms via a secure radio frequency.

The only time you would require an internet connection with the FireAngel Pro Connected product range is when you are adding a Gateway and the FireAngel Connected App in to the network. This will enable push notifications to your phone or other smart devices, but if your internet supply fails the alarms will still function within the home and alert you to danger.

When alarms are interlinked they will all mirror the alert of the device which detects the danger or requires attention. When all of the alarms are alerting you can press the central test button on any of the alarms in the system to silence all alarms, except the alarm which has detected danger or needs further investigation.

In a network containing both smoke/kitchen heat alarms and carbon monoxide alarms, the alert style will tell you whether the danger is fire or carbon monoxide related. For smoke/fire detection the system will alarm with three beeps (beep – beep – beep) and if Carbon Monoxide is detected there will be four beeps (beep – beep – beep – beep).

If a Gateway is added to the network you can also check any push notifications or The App dashboard to see which device requires your attention.

When alarms are interlinked they are able to communicate and will alert at the same time if one of the alarms detects danger. In the case of wireless interlink, this communication is in the form of protected radio frequency, which means there’s no need to run cables between the alarms. The FireAngel Pro Connected alarms allow the network to be extended to include devices across your entire home. For example, a network of 7 x smoke alarms, 3 x heat alarms, 3 x carbon monoxide alarms and a Gateway will be completely secure and protect your whole home, and are backwards compatible with the FireAngel Wi-Safe2 range.

You can also add a Gateway into the network which will allow you to receive updates on the network when you’re away from the home. The Gateway will communicate with the FireAngel Connected App using your home’s internet connection, but if this fails or cuts out the alarms will still protect your home, but you won’t receive a push notification.

The Alarm Control Unit is not part of a network. Please refer to the ‘Wireless Interlink’ section of the manual to ‘learn-in’ the control unit to the network.

This indicates that one of the alarms has previously been activated. Please refer to the ‘Locate’ section of this manual.

An alarm on the network has developed a fault. Please refer to the ‘Fault Detection’ section of the manual.

This is the carbon monoxide alarm. A leak has been detected. Keep calm and open the doors and windows to ventilate the property. Stop using all fuel-burning appliances and ensure, if possible, that they are turned off. Evacuate the property leaving the doors and windows open. Ring your gas or another fuel supplier on their emergency number.

This indicates a fire is developing. Evacuate the premises and call the fire brigade. If you cannot leave the building, call the fire brigade and close all the doors.

This indicates that the ‘Reorganisation Mode’ has been unsuccessful. To exit ‘Reorganisation Mode’ hold the ‘Locate’ button for 5 seconds, wait a couple of minutes and then press and hold the ‘Locate’ button for 5 seconds to start ‘Reorganisation Mode’ again.

The sensor has developed a fault and should be replaced immediately. Please contact our Customer Support Team.

You need to disengage the locking pins. Refer to the ‘Making the Alarm Control Unit Tamper proof’ section.

This indicates that the control unit has not been successfully activated, see section ‘Activating the Alarm Control Unit’.

This indicates a low battery or end of life condition and the control unit should be replaced as soon as possible and certainly within 30 days.

This indicates an internal fatal radio failure. Please contact our Customer Support Team.

This may indicate that the control unit has not been successfully activated, see section ‘Activating the Alarm Control Unit’. If the unit still fails to activate, please contact our Customer Support Team.

Follow the simple steps in our installation video…


Yes, all Wi-Safe2 devices are compatible with each other.


You can add new devices to an existing network at any time in the future.


Click here to view the FireAngel Pro Connected range.

You can add new Pro Connected alarms in to an existing system at any time in the future.


However if you’re looking to integrate the alarms in to a smart system manufactured by another company then this isn’t yet possible.


Please email connected.support@fireangeltech.com to discuss further.

Yes, the alarms will still function and interconnect without the FireAngel Pro Connected Gateway.

If you do not add the gateway, though, you will not be able to use the FireAngel Connected app.

Watch the video below for installation support: