Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

10 Year Lifetime Battery

The FireAngel SCB10-R Smoke Alarm has been designed to make protecting your home simple, with easy install and testing and rigorous testing by independent parties, such as BSI Kitemark, to ensure quality and longevity.

2 in 1 Protection

Detection of both fires and Carbon Monoxide.

3 Year Warranty

Manufacturer's warranty for peace of mind.




Our datasheet and manual contain guidance on the product and the latest standards - if you have any additional questions, our team of experts can offer all the support you need, so get in touch!


Installation Support and Guidance


Specification Detail and Standards.




This alarm cannot be interlinked to other alarms in your home, but still offers a high protection against fire. Follow the installation guides to ensure your alarm is installed correctly and test weekly.

Testing Support

Testing and maintenance support.

Rapid Detection of Two Deadly Dangers

The unit has both smoke and carbon monoxide sensors for detection of both dangers. It has clear indicators and alerts to allow you to see which is present when the alarm sounds. Install alongside further units and a kitchen heat alarm for complete protection.

Two Deadly Dangers
Battery Powered Protection 10 Year Battery Included

The unit comes with a sealed, tamper proof battery that will last the lifetime of the alarm. The sensor within the unit will deteriorate after 10 years, so to ensure you're protected we recommend you replace the unit after this time.

10 Year Battery Included
Designed For You Testing Made Simple

As well as allowing easy testing with a sweeping brush from the floor below, this large button also activates our Sleep Easy function which silences low battery chirps for 8 hours - giving you a peaceful night's sleep.

Testing Made Simple

Did you know?

FireAngel have a smart alarm range Shop Now

The FireAngel Pro Connected Smart Alarm range has been designed to be easily tested and managed from your phone or smart device, using the free FireAngel Connected App. With Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide alarms in the range you can build a network to protect your entire home and family.

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No – the FireAngel SCB10 Combination Alarm cannot be interlinked with any other alarm. See our Pro Connected alarm range which allows you to build a network of smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms across the whole home.

No – for Carbon Monoxide detection you need to also install a CO detector which you will find here, or a combination smoke and CO alarm – FireAngel SCB10.