Carbon Monoxide Alarm

1 Year Replaceable Batteries

With the latest sensing technology, a clear loud alarm and BSI Kitemark approvals, the FA3313-EUX10 carbon monoxide alarm offers the highest level of CO detection and will replace any end of life CO-9BT alarms.


Third party tested and approved.

5 Year Warranty

For peace of mind.




Our datasheet and manual contain guidance on the product and the latest standards ‑ if you have any additional questions, our team of experts can offer all the support you need, just get in touch.


Installation Support and Guidance


Specification Detail and Standards




The FA3313-EUX10 alarm cannot be interlinked to other alarms in your home, but still offers the highest protection. Follow the installation guides to ensure this alarm is fitted correctly.

Testing Support

Testing and maintenance support.

Increased CO sensing Fast reaction to rising CO levels

Intelligent CO sensing technology enables the alarm's high sensitivity mode to be activated, if it predicts CO levels will increase to or above 180ppm for a quicker alert.

Fast reaction to rising CO levels
Battery powered protection 1 year batteries included

The unit is provided with 2 x AA batteries which will last one year and can then be replaced. For a decade of protection look for our range for FireAngel Specification alarms with a sealed, lifetime battery which offer protection for 10 years.

1 year batteries included
Sleep Easy function Providing time to take action

With FireAngel's sleep easy function, users can silence battery alerts for 8 hours, providing vital time to replace an alarm and reduce nuisance noise.

Providing time to take action

Did you know?

Alarm memory indicates previous activation Discover more

With the alarm memory function, a red LED will flash to provide a visual indication of a previous CO alarm activation within the last 30 days.

Discover more
Fit a wireless system


A Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm is the only way to alert residents to the presence of Carbon Monoxide within a property. A CO alarm via an audible alert

CO also known as ‘the silent killer’ is a gas which cannot be seen, tasted or smelt but can result in CO poisoning and illness or in some cases death. CO forms when the fuel in products, such as boilers, fires and ovens does not burn completely. Regular servicing of these products can reduce the risk of CO being present but it cannot completely remove the risk.

Our FireAngel Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors are designed so that alarms can be wall-mounted or left freestanding within a property. Ideally, a CO alarm should be installed in every room with a fuel-burning appliance e.g gas hob, open fire, boiler. Additional alarms may be installed to provide adequate warning for occupants in other rooms, by placing alarms in rooms in which they spend considerable time whilst awake e.g living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens.

Boiler Room | Bedroom | Kitchen | Living Room

The common sources of Carbon Monoxide (CO) are cookers, fires, boilers, oil and gas boilers, portable generators, oil or solid fuel cookers, gas or paraffin heaters, barbecues (BBQs), clogged chimneys, wood or gas fireplaces, cigarette smoke or any fossil fuel-burning appliances.

Using a gas safe engineer to regularly service these items will help reduce the risk of CO in a home but it will not completely remove the risk. The only way to detect CO in your home is to install a Carbon Monoxide detector with an audible alarm. Gas safe engineers can be found via the ‘Gas Safe Register’ – this is an official list of businesses that are legally permitted to carry out gas work.