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Remote Protection

With enhanced sensing, multiple installation styles & the option to enable alerts & test via your mobile, the Pro Connected Smart Alarm range offers the highest level of protection for you and your family.


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A Network of Protection Monitor & manage on the go

With complete control through your phone you can test your alarms at the touch of a button - meaning no more ladders! You'll also have an overview of the alarm status and any issues, with a clear indication if an alarm requires attention.

Monitor & manage on the go
Solutions to support you Promoting Independent Living

With our Gateway and free App installed in the network you can list numerous addresses, allowing you to have alerts for elderly parents or a family member you may care for, whilst you're away from the property.

Promoting Independent Living
The Invisible Protector A Fire Risk Tool for your Home

FireAngel's unique Predict™ technology actively monitors the fire risk at your elderly relative's, dependant's homes or own home, allowing you make behavioural changes to reduce the risk, should this be at a dangerous level.

A Fire Risk Tool for your Home

Did you know?

Over 50% of fires start in the kitchen Shop Now

Protect the most dangerous room in your home - the kitchen - by installing a Heat Alarm. Our Kitchen Heat Alarms detect rapid spikes in temperature rather than smoke, which means they're perfect for high fume (e.g. smoke from cooking) and high humidity areas such as your garage and attic.

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The Pro Connected Gateway does require an internet connection and is supplied with an ethernet cable to allow you to connect it to your broadband router.

This connection enables the push notifications from your home alarm network to your mobile or smart devices. But if the internet connection is lost the alarms will still perform flawlessly and will detect danger and alarm in the home, but you won’t receive a push notification to your devices.

The FireAngel Connected App allows you to add multiple properties to your dashboard. This means you can set up an alarm network in the homes of your parents, a vulnerable family member, your child’s university accommodation or in your holiday home and receive notifications for all of them. You could also give your neighbours access to your home network while you go away on holiday.

The notifications will clearly state which property the alert is linked to, allowing you to react appropriately.

Installing the alarms and building your device networks couldn’t be easier. We have a helpful video to guide you through this below. But if you still require our support get in touch – on 03300 945 830 or via

Yes you can log in to the FireAngel Connected app on your phone, tablet and any other device that’s able to support the app.

You can also set up multiple properties in the app – this could be for the alarm network at the home of your elderly parents, a person who you care for, your child’s university accommodation or your holiday home. You could even give your neighbours access to the alerts while you’re on holiday!

The two apps are just built for different purposes – as a homeowner you require the FireAngel Connected App found here.

The other app is designed for organisations who want to offer monitoring services to their stakeholders and therefore does not have the features found in the homeowner app.

If your app is asking for an activation code, you have downloaded our app which is for organisations, rather than individuals.

Download the correct app now.

The FireAngel Pro Connected alarm network is a mesh network, all your devices will initially report that they can see all your devices. They will then work out “who is who”, and the duplicate unknown devices will settle down to correctly show your devices. This process can take up to 24 hours.

If you still see unknown devices after 24 hours, please email for further assistance.

Unfortunately the Pro Connected alarms cannot be added to a SmartThings network.

They can however be linked with Alexa if required, with the link to the skill found here.

The Alexa skill can be found here.

Once you have set up your Gateway, hit the “Add Devices” button and follow the instructions.

Open your FireAngel app
Open the “Devices” list
This is accessed by tapping the hamburger button on the top right, then “Devices”.
Next, select one of these to tell your alarms apart.
The loud, quick way; press the test button on each alarm one by one. Test events are slightly faster but do make some noise.
The quiet, slower way; take the units off base one at a time. This can take about a minute to reach the app, but does not make noise.
Look at your device list to see which alarm has been highlighted
Tap that alarm
Enter a descriptive location in the “Location” box
Tap “Save changes”
Done! Your alarm now has a location.

We are able to provide the FireAngel app on the current version of both iOS and Android, plus two previous versions. If your phone is older than this, it may not be compatible with the app, so try to install it before you buy.

For perspective, both Apple and Google only support the current version, plus three previous versions of iOS and Android respectively. If your device has an older version than is supported, it might be worth considering an upgrade for your own security.

You can find a video on how to unpair your alarms/ re-set your network on the following link

Interlinked units that have sensed smoke/heat can’t be silenced remotely. If one or more units remain in alarm, all other interlinked units will emit their audible warning again within 4 minutes. Vacate property if there is a fire hazard.

Make sure your alarm is ‘unlearned’ before trying to learn-in to a network. Do this by pressing and releasing the learn-in button located on the back of the alarm, immediately press and hold the learn-in button, during which the red LED will remain solid. When the LED goes out, release the button. The LED will flash twice followed by three quick flashes, indicating that it has successfully been unlearned. You can then follow the learn-in process as described in ‘Wireless Interlink’.

Any unit which is part of the FireAngel Pro Connected range is compatible with your Gateway unit. The Gateway unit is also backwards compatible our Wi-Safe 2 range.

If you are using alarms which are interlinked and they are not all going off when one is tested, this could be due to them being improperly set up or installed. Our Customer Support Team will be happy to discuss and can be contacted here.

Make sure you push the centre of the test button firmly. If the alarm has been recently fitted and it still fails to self-test then please contact our Customer Support Team. However, if you are in the process of ‘learning-in’ the alarm and it does not test, repeat the process.

The FireAngel Pro Connected range is backwards compatible with the FireAngel Wi-Safe2 range.

Yes – the wireless interlink function still allows the alarms to connect and communicate (and protect your home!) – however, you won’t be able to use the FireAngel Connected app without the Gateway installed.