Optical Smoke Alarm

Mains Powered

The FireAngel SW1-R Smoke Alarm has been designed to make protecting your home simple, with easy install and testing and rigorous testing by independent parties, such as BSI Kitemark, to ensure quality and longevity.

Optical Sensor

A fast response to slow burning fires.

5 Year Warranty

Manufacturer's warranty for peace of mind.




To ensure you install the right alarm for your home, and one that's compliant with your local fire regulations, review our manual and data sheet or get in touch with our customer service team.


Installation Support and Guidance.


Specification Detail and Standards.




The SW1-R alarm can be hardwire interlinked to other SW1-R smoke alarms and HW1-R heat alarms, and when one detects danger they all sound, giving a loud alert across the whole home.

Install Guide

Where to install your alarm.

Testing Support

Testing and maintenance support.

Slow Burning Fire Protection Optical Smoke Sensing

The optical smoke sensing chamber works by 'seeing' smoke as it enters the alarm - making it perfect for slow burning fires where there is thick white smoke. For the fastest response to all fire types search for FireAngel Thermoptek Alarms.

Optical Smoke Sensing
Mains Powered Protection With Back-Up Battery Included

The mains powered FireAngel SW1-R Alarm comes supplied with a 1 year back-up battery, so if there's a power cut your home will still be protected. For a 10 year battery back-up check out our Pro Connected Smoke Alarm (FP1640W2-R).

With Back-Up Battery Included
Designed For You Testing Made Simple

As well as allowing easy testing with a sweeping brush from the floor below, this large button also activates our Sleep Easy function which silences low battery chirps for 8 hours - giving you a peaceful night's sleep.

Testing Made Simple

Did you know?

FireAngel have a smart alarm range Shop Now

The FireAngel Pro Connected Smart Alarm range has been designed to be easily tested and managed from your phone or smart device, using the free FireAngel Connected App. With Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide alarms in the range you can build a network to protect your entire home and family.

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Yes – you can hardwire interlink this alarm with other HW1 and HW10-EUT Heat Alarms and SW1 and SW10-EUT Smoke Alarms to offer protection across the home (12 devices in total).

If you’re looking for alarms where you can combine mains powered and battery powered alarms into a single network then view our FireAngel Pro Connected alarm range.

In order to identify how many alarms to install you need to research the guidelines for fire detection that apply in your local area, using regulations such as Building Regulations or the guidance in BS5839-6, and consider your property type; whether that be private owned, rented, new build, renovated etc. The advice below is purely provided for ‘best practice’ and should not be used independently.

If you live in Scotland find out more about the law in your area on our blog post here. (link to homeowner Scottish regulations blog)

Smoke Alarms: To offer high protection FireAngel advise a smoke alarm within the circulation area of each floor of the property, as well as within the main habitable areas such as bedrooms and living room. It’s important to remember that the sensors in all smoke alarms deteriorate after time, at FireAngel we recommend that smoke alarms are replaced every 10 years.

Heat Alarms (Kitchen Alarms): Heat alarms are the only alarm suitable for use within the kitchen as they’re not affected by cooking fumes like traditional smoke alarms. Over 60 Percent of fires start in the kitchen, with cooking and faulty white goods (fridges and tumble driers) being the main causes. FireAngel recommend a heat alarm is fitted in the kitchen, but you can also fit additional heat alarms in the garage and loft to protect these areas.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms: A Carbon Monoxide detector is the only way to be alerted to a carbon monoxide leak; it can’t be smelt, tasted or seen so it’s impossible for human senses to detect. Known as the ‘Silent Killer’, carbon monoxide (CO) occurs when fuels burn incompletely, with common sources being boilers, gas fires and hobs and solid fuel burners. However, carbon monoxide can also pass through walls, so you would also be at risk if a neighbouring property had a leak. FireAngel recommend a CO alarm is installed between 1 m and 3 m away from each fuel-burning appliance, as well as installing additional units in areas such as living rooms and bedrooms where you spend most time whilst at home.

Yes – if you install The FireAngel Pro connected range, alongside the Gateway Unit, you will be able to receive instant alerts to any alarm activity on your smartphone/device via the free FireAngel Connected App.

Yes – you can hardwire interlink this alarm with other SW1 smoke alarms and HW1 heat alarms to offer protection across the home (12 devices in total).

Guidance for where to install your smoke, heat and CO alarms can be found below:

Why is my FireAngel smoke alarm beeping?

Where your alarm is installed can trigger nuisance alarms if not correctly placed, for example too close to doors or windows.

Why is my FireAngel smoke alarm beeping?

For more guidance as to where to install your smoke, heat or CO alarm please refer to your alarm’s manual or contact our friendly Customer Support team.