Specification Smart RF Mesh Monitor

Plug & Play - 3V DC by USB Cable

Service and maintenance tool for Smart RF devices and networks. Quick setup with plug and play hardware allows with easy to install software which provides visibility of a Smart RF network in a simple graphical user interface.

Smart RF

Works with FireAngel Smart RF devices

2 Year Warranty

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Our datasheet and manual contain guidance on the product and the latest standards - if you have any additional questions, our team of experts can offer all the support you need, so get in touch!


Installation Support and Guidance


Specification Detail and Standards.




Plug and play hardware with easy to install Windows compatible software - Software download link provided in product manual.

Install Guide

Step by step installation support.

Build a Network

Interlink your alarms at the touch of a button.

Quick and Easy Setup Network Visibility Tool

Significantly reduces the time required for service and maintenance. Provides visibility of network in a simple graphical user interface.

Network Visibility Tool
Wireless networks Smart RF Technology

When one alarm sounds, they all sound. Our Specification range features intelligent Smart RF technology - easily create a wireless or hybrid network of Smart RF mains and battery devices to protect the entire property.

Smart RF Technology
Adaptability & flexibility Futureproof Installations

Network health check with one click, without the need to access the site. "Walk By” Mesh monitor solution with the ability to address the system and save site-specific details.

Futureproof Installations

Did you know?

You can easily upgrade our Specification range to remotely monitor devices Find out more

Is your customer looking to manage their private portfolio, or does your customer want a smart alarm system fitted in their home? Our Spec Connected gateway allows your customers to benefit from a 24/7 remote monitoring solution - monitor and manage alarms networks from anywhere. Our free FireAngel app provides instant device updates, with optional notifications and no need to enter the property.

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Featuring Smart RF technology, our mesh monitor is compatible for use with our Specification range of mains and battery-powered devices.

You can also benefit from mixed system flexibility – our Specification range of mains and battery products all feature Smart RF wireless interlink technology. This means for increased safety you can easily create a hybrid system of mains and/or battery products – extend your network without the fuss!

No, our mesh monitor features plug and play hardware which allows quick and easy setup and offers a “Walk By” mesh monitor solution with capability to address the system without being inside the property – significantly reducing the time required for service and maintenance.

Our Smart RF mesh monitor works with our Specification range of products, this includes:

Smoke Alarms:
FS2126-T – Battery Powered Multi-Sensor Smoke Alarm (10 year)
SM-SN-1 – Mains Powered Multi-Sensor Smoke Alarm (10 year)

Heat Alarms:
FS1226-T – Battery Heat Alarm featuring Sleep Easy (10 year)
HM-SN-1 – Mains Powered Heat Alarm (10 year)

Carbon Monoxide Alarm:
FS1326-T – Battery Carbon Monoxide Alarm (10 year)

Assisted Living Solutions:
FS1552W2-T – Combined Strobe and Vibrating Pad
FS1524W2-T – Wireless Alarm Control Unit (Test, Silence, Locate)