Optical Smoke Alarm with Push Fit Base

Mains Powered with Replaceable 9V Battery Back-up

Our range of mains smoke, heat and CO alarms with 9V battery back-up, feature unique Push2Fit bases for quick and easy installation to save you time and money on installations.

Optical Sensing

Grade D2 as recommended by BS 5839-6

5 Year Warranty

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Our datasheet and manual contain guidance on the product and the latest standards - if you have any additional questions, our team of experts can offer all the support you need, so get in touch!


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Wireless interlink by fitting a RF-BW-T interlink base. Our mains 9V range allows installers to hardwire interlink up to 12 alarms or wireless interlink alarms across the whole property using the RF-BW-T interlink base (one base required per alarm).

Build a Network

Interlinking your alarms made easy.

As recommended by BS 5839-6 Optical Sensing

This mains smoke alarm offers latest optical sensing technology as recommended in British Standard BS 5839-6 for installation in circulation areas such as living rooms, hallways and landings.

Optical Sensing
Designed to ensure quick and easy fitting Push2Fit Base

We understand cost can be a huge factor for some projects, our mains 9V range offers a cost effective solution without compromising on quality, designed to save contractors time and money on installations.

Push2Fit Base
Suitable for new build sites Futureproof Installations

Our mains range with 9V battery backup alarms have a greater resistance to power surges which can often be an issue on new build construction sites where there is an inconsistent power supply.

Futureproof Installations

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Yes, our Mains 9V range of SW1-PF-T, HW1-PF-T, CW1-PF-T alarms can be hardwire interconnected with up to 12 smoke, heat or CO alarms or wirelessly interconnected with up to 50 alarms with the RF interlink base (RF-BW-T)

No, you should never mix other manufacturer smoke, heat and CO alarms within any single network – products will not function correctly and this will affect the levels of fire and CO protection. We highly recommend you never do this and you should always create a network of FireAngel alarms only.

Yes, our FireAngel Specification range and FireAngel Mains 9V range of alarms are suitable for all domestic properties, this includes rental and new build properties.

Whilst BS 5839-6 has previously been split into six varying Grades, each outlining the level of protection appropriate for certain properties and their corresponding levels of risk, the new update has altered the six sections, removing Grade B and Grade E, whilst Grade D and Grade F have been split into Grade D1 / Grade D2 and Grade F1 / Grade F2 respectively. Grade C has been revised and its recommendations expanded.

The 2019 grading system is as follows:

Grade A

Separate detectors, sounders and central control and indicating equipment with back-up power supply that conforms to British Standards BS EN 54.

Grade C

Separate detectors and sounders that are mains powered with back-up power supply and central control equipment.

Grade D1

A system of one or more mains powered detectors, each with a tamper‑proof standby supply consisting of a battery or batteries (such as FireAngel’s SM-SN-1 and HM-SN-1 alarm).

Grade D2

A system of one or more mains-powered detectors, each with an integral standby supply consisting of a user‑replaceable battery or batteries. (such as FireAngel’s SW1-PF-T and HW1-PF-T alarm).

Grade F1

A system of one or more battery-powered detectors powered by a tamper‑proof primary battery or batteries (such as FireAngel’s ST-622T, ST-750 alarm).

Grade F2

A system of one or more battery-powered detectors powered by a user‑replaceable primary battery or batteries. (such as FireAngel’s SB1-T alarm).
Please note: Grades B and E are no longer defined in BS 5839-6:2019.