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Mains Powered Heat Alarm


5Yr Warranty.png5 Year Warranty
Battery.png10 Year Battery
BS/LPCB Certfied
  • Thermistek heat sensing technology - detects rate-of-rise in temperature
  • Diagnostic functionality monitors alarm activations and fault finding

Positioning: Boiler Room | Kitchen| Laundry Room | Loft | Garage

SmokeHeat.pngNormal smoke alarms are unsuitable for use in kitchens due to the amount of false alarms activations from the likes of burnt toast. Our Thermistek heat alarms have a patented heat dish to target radiated heat directly onto the heat sensor for a faster reaction to potential fire risk.

Key Features

Battery.png10 year sealed for life battery

Heat.pngThermistek heat sensing technology - detects rate-of-rise in temperature

Locate.pngLocate feature - silence all but initiating alarm in network

5Yr Warranty.png5 year warranty

Kitemark.pngCertified to BS EN14604:2005 and LPCB approved

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Heat Alarm Positioning

Heat alarms are best suited to areas where dust, fumes and moisture can cause nuisance alarms in smoke alarms.


Boiler Room | Kitchen| Laundry Room | Loft | Garage


Heat Alarm Installation

1. Preparation

Break out the tabs from the base plate. Use fixing slots on the base plate as a guide when marking the position of the drill holes. With an appropriatley sized drill, drill the holes and insert the plastic fixing anchors supplied (if needed),

2. Install the Base

Fit the base plate to the ceiling or wall using the screws provided.

3. Fit Your FireAngel Heat Alarm

The alarm has a mechanism on the back that activates the alarm when it is correctly connected to the base plate.
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