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A quiet way to test your CO alarms

FireAngel’s latest range of carbon monoxide alarms features a quiet self-test option for a more convenient way to test your devices.

With the quiet self-test feature, there’s no need to wake up loved ones or disturb the neighbours when testing your FireAngel carbon monoxide (CO) alarms.

It’s just one of the new features of our latest CO alarm range, with enhanced CO detection.

Once you have fitted your new CO alarm, activate by pulling the disabling tab out of the device and wait 1 minute for the green LED to flash to confirm the device is activated. You can now press the test button.

How to activate a quiet self-test?

quiet self-test

To activate a quiet self‑test, press the testing button once to hear a quiet alarm at least 10dB below the full alarm volume.

When pressed, the button will initiate the testing sequence within the alarm. If your alarm does not sound, please contact our Customer Support Team.

If you’re worried this alarm won’t wake you up if it sounds at night, don’t be. We’ve specifically designed a quiet self‑test to enable easy, less disruptive testing of all your alarms to ensure they are in working order without disturbing others.

To test the alarm at full volume (85dB@3M) and to hear the level it will sound at when detecting carbon monoxide in your home, double press the large button on your alarm.

We recommend you test your alarms on a weekly basis, including any smoke and heat alarms in your home as well.

Where will I find the ‘quiet self-test’ function?

The quiet self‑test function features on the below alarms from our new range:

  • FA3820X4: Carbon Monoxide Alarm with 10 year battery
  • FA3322X4: Carbon Monoxide Alarm with digital display and 10 year battery

Find out more about our new range of carbon monoxide alarms today and ensure you and your family are protected from the Silent Killer.