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FireAngel selected by Scotland’s Osprey Housing Group as the supplier of choice

This partnership was formed in response to the Scottish Government’s changes to the Housing (Scotland) Act. Our experts helped ensure Osprey Housing remained compliant to the updated legislation.

FireAngel Safety Technology Limited, one of Europe’s leading smoke, heat and carbon monoxide suppliers, has secured a contract with Osprey Housing Group to provide smoke and heat alarms for over 1,200 of its properties across North-East Scotland. 

The new partnership was formed in response to the Scottish Government’s changes to the Housing (Scotland) Act, which now requires an LD2 Specification. The latest legislation requires all Scottish homes to have sealed long-life battery or mains wired interlinked alarms installed, with one functioning smoke alarm in the room that is most frequently used by the occupants in the daytime. A battery-operated carbon monoxide alarm is also required to be fitted in each room with a carbon-fuelled appliance or flue.

FireAngel was selected by Osprey Housing Group as the supplier of choice through the Procurement for Housing Scheme. Its industry-leading battery smoke and heat alarms, the SM-SN-1 and HM-SN-1, along with its interlinked mains-powered smoke and heat alarms, the WST-630 and WHT-630, were chosen to help the housing association achieve constant compliance across all 1,200 properties.

The legislation also requires one functioning smoke alarm to be installed in every circulation space on every floor, such as hallways and landings, and one heat alarm in every kitchen. As the mains-powered alarms must also be interlinked under the new requirements to provide sufficient audibility, Osprey Housing Group chose FireAngel’s innovative W2-SN-1 smart RF radio module. Up to 50 Wi-Safe 2 alarms can be wirelessly interconnected within a 35m radius, providing the highest standard in fire protection. The smart RF radio module offers a 10-year battery life and five-year warranty for greater service life and usability. 

Hugh Crothers, Asset Manager for Osprey, said: “FireAngel was the manufacturer of choice for our current upgrade to the LD2 specification as I’d worked with the products before and was confident of their capability to not only ensure we comply with the new legislation, but provide our tenants with the highest level of fire protection available.”

Installation of the alarms is being facilitated through Osprey Housing’s partner, HeatCare, which commenced on 1st May across Aberdeenshire and Murray. Hugh continued: “The feedback received by HeatCare is that the alarms are extremely easy to install and are being well received by tenants, so we look forward to the continued installation of the alarms throughout the year.”

Neil Smith, CEO at FireAngel, said “We are delighted to support Osprey Housing Group as a leading housing provider in the North-East of Scotland to ensure we are working closely to ensure tenants have the highest standard of fire safety.”

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