Why is my FireAngel smoke alarm beeping?

If your smoke or heat alarms have begun chirping, follow our advice to help diagnose what could be the cause.

FireAngel smoke, heat and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms are designed to be as maintenance-free as possible, however there are a few steps that must be followed to ensure your alarms continue to perform correctly.

Firstly, we recommend checking the alarms replace by date. If over 10 years old, you must replace the alarm to ensure maximum protection.

How to find the replace by date:

  • Remove the alarm from its base by twisting it in an anti-clockwise motion
  • Check the replace by date printed on the bottom – if your alarm has exceeded this date, it should be replaced immediately

Why is my FireAngel smoke alarm beeping?

Wondering what to do with your old smoke or heat alarms?

These alarms fall under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment regulations (WEEE). The directive requires producers of Electronic Equipment to join a WEEE compliance scheme and contribute to the cost of recycling Waste Electronic Equipment that is collected at local recycling centres and other routes.

If your alarm has a crossed-out wheelie bin sign on the back, it means it falls under the WEEE regulations and as such should not be disposed of in normal household waste collections, but alongside other Waste Electronic Equipment at your local recycling centre or other WEEE collection point.

Problem positioning: Why does my FireAngel alarm keep going off?

A common cause of nuisance alarms is the incorrect positioning of a smoke or heat alarm. If your FireAngel alarm has begun chirping not long after installation, make sure it is fitted in the right room in your home.

Why is my FireAngel smoke alarm beeping?

Where your alarm is installed can also trigger nuisance alarms if not correctly placed, for example too close to doors or windows. Guidance for where to install your smoke, heat and CO alarms can be found below.

Why is my FireAngel smoke alarm beeping?

We do not recommend a smoke alarm to be fitted in areas where excessive dust or dirt could contaminate the sensing chamber, making it over sensitive. It is also not advised to fit alarms in bathrooms, shower rooms or any other very damp and humid areas, where moisture can cause unwanted alarms.

Read our handy guide for more information on correctly installing your alarms or discover why your Pro Connected alarms may be beeping in our guide.

Dust contamination: How do I clean my alarm?

Why is my FireAngel smoke alarm beeping?

We recommend you clean your smoke and heat alarms every 3 months to stop a build-up of dust or insect webs from preventing the sensor to work correctly.

Using a soft brush adaptor, your vacuum or your hairdryer on a cool setting, run along the edges and face of the alarm. Please do not use any solvents or cleaners on your alarm as they may cause damage to the sensor or circuitry.

If cleaning causes a false alarm, press the large central test button to silence.

However, if you notice any visible damage to the alarm during cleaning, including any severe staining or dust, we recommend you replace the alarm as the sensor within could be damaged.

Does cleaning my alarm really help stop the beeping?

We received the following feedback from a customer, who contacted our Customer Support team 10 days after a FireAngel smoke alarm had been fitted in their hallway following a stairlift installation.

“I completed everything that you advised by cleaning any dust on the alarm and banging in the palm of my hand to dislodge anything.

“We have been monitoring it since and I’m pleased to say that the issue appears to have been resolved so no requirement to issue a replacement.

“I just also wanted to state that your level of customer service that day was exceptional. My mum was not well; she was very stressed about the alarm, and I had spent hours that morning trying to contact various people from the stairlift company and council to try and resolve but with little success.

“When you called back from FireAngel, you were clearly very knowledgeable, calm, friendly and willing to help with no hesitation. Perhaps a sign of the times but I rarely experience high levels of customer service anymore, so it really made my day.”

Press to test: How to stop your smoke alarm beeping

Why is my FireAngel smoke alarm beeping?

A low battery warning chirp can only be silenced a maximum of 10 times. FireAngel smoke and heat alarms check their sensor and circuitry up to 8,500 times per day and if these are found to be incorrect, or if the batteries are low, the detector will emit a single chirp once per minute for 30 days. If the red LED flashes at a separate time from the chirp, a fault is indicated.

If your alarm is within warranty, please contact our Customer Support team or replace your alarm immediately to ensure protection from fire.

Don’t forget to test your alarms on a regular basis, for more advice on how to maintain and test your alarm read our short guide.