Thermistek Kitchen Heat Alarm

Mains Powered

Looking for a FireAngel HT‑230 heat alarm replacement that will work with your existing network? Replace your end‑of‑life alarm with a FP1740W2-R. Please note, wiring should be installed by a qualified electrician in accordance with local building standards.


Enhanced, patented sensor technology.

2 Year Warranty

Manufacturer's warranty for peace of mind.




To ensure you install the right alarm for your home, and one that's compliant with your local fire regulations, review our manual and data sheet or get in touch with our customer support team.


Installation Support and Guidance


Specification Detail and Standards.




The HT-230 alarm can be hardwire interlinked to other HT-230 heat alarms and ST-230 smoke alarms, and when one detects danger they all sound, giving a loud alert across the whole home.

Install Guide

Step by step installation support.

Testing Support

Testing and maintenance support.

Optimised Detection Thermistek Enhanced Sensing

FireAngel developed our Thermistek heat alarm to give a rapid alert to danger - when compared to traditional heat alarms Thermistek technology reduces the reaction time by half, meaning you and your family have vital extra time to react.

Thermistek Enhanced Sensing
Mains Powered Protection With Back-Up Battery Included

The mains powered FireAngel HT-230 Alarm comes supplied with a 10 year back-up battery, so if there's a power cut your home will still be protected. FireAngel recommends that an electrician installs any main powered products.

With Back-Up Battery Included
Designed For You Testing Made Simple

As well as allowing easy testing with a sweeping brush from the floor below, this large button also activates our Sleep Easy function which silences low battery chirps for 8 hours - giving you a peaceful night's sleep.

Testing Made Simple

Did you know?

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The FireAngel Pro Connected Smart Alarm range has been designed to be easily tested and managed from your phone or smart device, using the free FireAngel Connected App. With Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide alarms in the range you can build a network to protect your entire home and family.

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Yes – you can hardwire interlink this alarm with other HT-230 heat alarms and ST-230 smoke alarms to offer protection across the home (12 devices in total).

If you’re looking for alarms where you can combine mains powered and battery powered alarms into a single network then view our FireAngel Pro Connected alarm range.

A Heat Alarm is perfect for detecting fires like those caused by faulty white goods, as they usually create a ‘blast’ of fire that’s very hot. Heat Alarms won’t false alarm to a dusty or humid room which makes it perfect for kitchens, utility rooms and garages where these items are usually found.

Yes – heat alarms and smoke alarms detect fire in very different ways. Smoke alarms, as the name suggests, alert you to fires by detecting smoke, so if there’s a slow smouldering fire (which usually doesn’t give off a lot of heat) it could be missed for some time if a you only have a heat alarm installed. We would recommend you review the regulations specific to your area, but as a guide we recommend that homes have a smoke alarm in the hallway, landing and in the room most used in the daytime, alongside a heat alarm in the kitchen.

Yes – you can hardwire interlink this alarm with other ST-230 smoke alarms and HT-230 heat alarms to offer protection across the home (12 devices in total).

Guidance for where to install your smoke, heat and CO alarms can be found below:

Why is my FireAngel smoke alarm beeping?

Where your alarm is installed can trigger nuisance alarms if not correctly placed, for example too close to doors or windows.

Why is my FireAngel smoke alarm beeping?

For more guidance as to where to install your smoke, heat or CO alarm please refer to your alarm’s manual or contact our friendly Customer Support team.