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RF Interlink Base 


5Yr Warranty.png5 Year Warranty
10Yr Battery.png10 Year Lithium Battery
  • Wirelessly interlink up to 50 SW1-PF-T smoke , HW1-PF-T heat and CW1-PF-T CO alarms
  • Quick to install and link - ensuring greater productivity and savings
  • Push-Fit docking base system 
  • Compatible with SW1-PF-T (Smoke), HW1-PF-T (Heat) and CW1-PF-T (CO)

Positioning: Anywhere a smoke, heat or CO alarm should be positioned:

Bedroom | Living room | Hallway | Landing| Kitchen| Boiler Room | Garage


Artboard 41The RF-BW-T interlink base, it's quick to install and quick to link ensuring greater productivity and savings. The base unit has been designed to transmit an RF signal, when the alarm attached to it senses fire or CO. When another RF base receives this signal the attached alarm will also sound, eliminating the need for connection wires between each alarm.

Key Features

Wi-SafeRF transmitter and receiver in each base unit

Push-Fit base icon3-step installation with push-fit docking base system

wirelessWirelessly interlink up to 50 SW1 Smoke, HW1 Heat and CW1 CO alarms. 

LandlordsAutomatic ID coding

Artboard 70Audible and visual LED fault warnings

5Yr Warranty5 year warranty

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