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Mains Powered Wi-Safe 2 Thermoptek Smoke Alarm


2 year warranty grey 2 Year Warranty
Battery.png10 Year Battery
Wi-safe.pngWireless Interlink
BS/LPCB Certified
  • Features Thermoptek - our best sensing technology
  • Ultra slim, integrated mounting base for easy installation
  • Wi-Safe 2 – wirelessly interlink up to 50 alarms on a single network – when one sounds they all sound

Positioning: Bedroom | Living room | Hallway | Landing

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SmokeHeat.pngThe FireAngel Pro WST-230 is a thermally enhanced optical mains powered smoke alarm with wireless RF interlink. Featuring Thermoptek technology, it removes the need for ionisation alarms. This simplifies the installation process as you only need one type of smoke alarm.

Key Features

Battery.png10 year sealed for life battery back-up

Wi-Safe.pngWi-Safe 2 - wirelessly interlink multiple alarms one alarm goes off they all go off

Thermoptek.pngThermoptek optical smoke sensor

Locate.pngLocate feature - silence all but initiating alarm in network

2 year warranty2 year warranty

Kitemark.pngCertified to BS EN14604:2005 and LPCB approved

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Smoke Alarm Positioning

In order to achieve the earliest fire warning, we recommened
that a smoke alarm is fitted in all rooms where the temperature is normally
between 4°C (40°F) and 38°C (100°F).


Hallway | Landing | Bedroom | Living Room

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